Digital Agreement


Brief Summary:

OurWorldF$ Records (OWF$ for short) has shown great interest in your current artistic ability. Our A&R's went through all of your content and definitely think you have potential!

With a promising talent to create beats, we'd like to help you reach the next level of your career!

OWF$ Records would like to offer you a Marketing/Distribution/Publishing Deal. Everything from graphic design, to royalty handling, we want to provide for you. Along with this, we'll get your current/future library of beat tapes up on all major distribution platforms.


Along with the packages mentioned above, we offer personal clothing that can be designed by yourself which you can make royalties on.

This will improve your overall brand value working with an upcoming record label like us. 



OurWorldF$ will simply promote, market, and distribute any beat tape, or collaboration you plan on making or have already made. This includes songs distributed by other artists, we ensure you get paid.

  • We require no long-term partnership, as this is not a contract, but we require a 3-week notice if you decide to switch labels or distributors.

  • Basically, this allows you to make royalties on any song a artist distributes using your beat, while also allowing you to copyright people who use your beat without permission.

Too begin making royalties, you must select one of the following on-boarding processes.

  • Option 1:

    • Begin Distribution with absolutely no costs upfront, using 10% of your royalties (from your beat tapes) to pay off the distribution/copyright fees threshold ($9.99/yr). You will begin receiving 100% royalties made from your release(s) once your threshold is met.

      • Out of $100 - PRODUCER 90% ($90) / LABEL 10% ($10) 

  • Option 2:

    • Pay an upfront fee of $9.99/yr for copyright, marketing, and distribution while receiving 100% royalties upon any release.​

  • Both options include Graphic Design, Press Coverage, Social Media Slots, and more.


What You Receive:

OurWorldF$ seeks to provide their producer whatever they need to satisfy them and their team. Anything from distribution support, graphic design, copyright, promotion, OWF$ will be there for you.

  • Receive 100% of all royalties made after payment threshold.

    • PayPal Required, Monthly Payments

  • Receive Royalties from songs you've created beats for

  • Music Distribution Across all streaming platforms.

    • Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, Youtube Topic, Deezer

    • Allows you too have a Apple Music/Spotify page people can visit for collaborations/projects.

  • Professional Guidance when it comes to promoting, selling, or making your beats.

  • Receive Copyright Royalties from Artists who use your beat without permission

  • Album Cover, Profile Picture, Channel Art, Graphic Design Packages

  • 24/7 Artist Support for any changes that need to be made (to pages).

  • Direct Access to Apple Music and Spotify Artist Profiles

  • YouTube Artist Channel + Increased chanced for Instagram Verification

  • Google Knowledge Panel

  • Monetization of Youtube and SoundCloud Plays

  • Complementary OWF$ clothing when available

  • Press Release Coverage/Articles for upcoming, or past projects.

  • Custom email address for business (


What You Need To Know:

OurWorldF$ offers nothing but transparency to their artists and do not hold anything essential from them.

  • All Releases will become live up to three weeks after submission. (You get to set release date)

  • OWF$ is not having you sign a contract, it is a distribution agreement.

  • This is not a long-term contract, cancellation is offered at any point (three-week notice)

  • You will have complete control over your Streaming Service Profiles.

  • Royalties are paid out monthly through PayPal. Your threshold must be met to receive 100% royalties.

  • You will be charged $10.00 yearly either through your royalties or up-front payment.

  • Your release can be changed after publication. (24/7 Support, will make changes ASAP)

  • You will receive a custom hyperlink for all streaming services.


If you have any more concerns or questions that stop you from joining our team, please reach out to us before finishing this form. Or you may complete and fill out the box below.


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