Digital Agreement

Brief Summary:

OurWorldF$ Records (OWF$ for short) believes you would be a valuable team member in assisting us with our talent search. You have the personality and outreach we're looking for apart of our staff.

With a promising social media presence, we'd like to help you reach the next level of your career!

OWF$ Records would like to offer you a Referral/Distribution/Marketing Deal. Essentially, you'll be able to make royalties (money) on every artist you bring onto OWF$'s roster. 


The extent of your A&R role is up to you -> you can play as a silent partner and simply just refer potential artists, or you can be a full blown manager to people you bring in. Its up to you. 

  • Either way, you'll earn commission or royalties based off their future projects. (Explained further)

This will improve your overall brand value and teach you industry standard methods working with an upcoming record label like us. 



OurWorldF$ will pay you for the artists you bring onto the team. Our staff will judge whether or not they fit the criteria and you'll receive commission or royalties after the artist has been signed.  


  • We require no long-term partnership, as this is not a contract, but we require a 3-week notice if you decide this isn't the path you'd like to pursue.

  • Currently, any referral artists will have a payment threshold of $19.99 plus 6% tax, this rate increases as our label grows.

Too begin recruiting, you must select one of the following payment processes:

  • Option 1:

    • Upon each artist referral, receive 1/3 of your artists payment threshold (Rate Changes upon label growth). You will begin receiving 5% royalties made from your artists release(s).

      • Out of $100 - ARTIST 80% ($80) / LABEL 15% ($15) / A&R 5% ($5) 

  • Option 2:

    • Upon each artist referral, ​receive 1/4 of your artists payment threshold (Rate Changes), but receive 7.5% royalties made from your artists release(s).

      • Out of $100 - ARTIST 80% ($80) / LABEL 12.5% ($12.50) / A&R 7.5% ($7.50) 

  • Both options include Personal Graphic Design, Mentoring, Press Coverage, Social Media Slots, and more.


What You Receive:

OurWorldF$ seeks to provide their artists whatever they need to satisfy them and their team. Anything from distribution support, graphic design, promotion, OWF$ will be there for you.

  • Receive 5% - 7.5% of all royalties made after payment threshold.

    • PayPal Required, Monthly Payments

  • Receive Commission from your artists payment threshold, either 1/3 or 1/4

    • As of right now, referral artist thresholds are $19.99 plus tax. 

  • Professional Mentoring and A&R Education

  • Album Cover, Profile Picture, Channel Art, Graphic Design Packages

  • 24/7 Artist Support for any changes that need to be made.

  • Direct  Manager Access to Apple Music and Spotify Artist Profiles

  • YouTube Artist Channel Access + Increased chanced for Instagram Verification

  • Google Knowledge Panel

  • Royalties from Youtube and SoundCloud Plays

  • Complementary OWF$ clothing when available

  • Reference/Credits in Press Release Coverage/Articles for upcoming, or past projects.

  • Custom email address for business (


What You Need To Know:

OurWorldF$ offers nothing but transparency to their employees and do not hold anything essential from them.

  • You will receive royalties from your artists release(s) once they pay their payment threshold.

    • Once they reach their payment threshold, you will receive commission based on your payment option.​

  • After having a successful referral, there is often a bonus that will be paid so stay in touch!

  • OWF$ is not having you sign a contract, it is a distribution agreement.

  • This is not a long-term contract, cancellation is offered at any point (three-week notice)

  • Royalties are paid out monthly through PayPal. Your artists threshold must be met to receive your % of royalties.

    • Must have a PayPal account ready to receive money.​

  • OWF$ is here at all times to offer guidance in looking for artists, or broadening your own audience.

  • We reserve the right to release you from our label at any point due to legal concerns, crisis causing actions, or with no given reason at all. All previous content will be removed and you will receive remaining royalty payouts. 

If you have any more concerns or questions that stop you from joining our team, please reach out to us before finishing this form. Or you may complete and fill out the box below.


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